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Hi Jenny. I would like to repaint our living room walls that are currently a light mocha color. Our living room furniture is a matching set of microfiber SAGE color and our floors are a hardwood laminate kinda dark & light cherry wood color, we have an area rug that is a deep redish with large floral print of some mauve colors and green for the leaves etc...  What would be the best colors for the walls? Thank You, Sincerly Lisa Ross

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your question on wall color. Often the best starting point is to get some inspiration from something else in the room that you particularly like, i.e., your area rug.  Look closely there and see if there is a color that appeals to you.  My bet is that there are probably multiple shades of green as well as red.  You may opt for a pale shade of celery green, which would coordinate well with your furnishings, or you might opt for a warmer pale yellow.  Either would work in your space and would pull the colors toward a warmer palette.  

The other direction your space could take is the color opposite of green which is red.  While I would never suggest that you paint all your walls a deep red, consider some of the earthier shades in the red family:  rust, cinnamon or even a buttersquash red/yellow.  You may even consider painting an accent wall (one) in a deep rich red.

If none of this appeals to you, check out some design magazines and see colors that the set designers have paired.  It may give you a whole new approach.


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