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family room 1 of 3
family room 1 of 3  
QUESTION: I have an L shaped family / TV room (extended off kitchen area and has breakfast gathering table)"actually one long room"
The area for "family room area is small 15 x 8" there is a fireplace on 15 ft wall (which can be seen from kitchen area and is centered to that width of the room) My problem is the small cubby area. (8x8) we have big tv there now with couch opposite along back long wall. Not much else to do because if i make couch face fireplace there's little room for walk thru between gathering table and couch back.
Any ideas? Specific furniture types you would suggest?

ANSWER: Hi Roxanne,

This is a tough one.  While open spaces are always desirable, they do pose a problem in furniture placement.  The second problem we as a society now face is the sheer size of the televisions we purchase.  I'm as guilty as anyone!  

My best suggestion here is to consider hanging your television above the fireplace (if there is room to do so), so that now you have one central focal point in the room.  If you can do that, then re-orient your sofa to face fireplace/TV.  

If you cannot move the TV to the wall, consider putting it on an angle in the corner right of the fireplace.  If you do that, angle your couch by the same degree, and move the chair to the area adjacent to the fireplace on the left-hand side, OR to the wall where the TV is now.  By doing so, you are giving equal credence to both focal points in the room.

You should have enough space to move in and/or around the circular table in the gathering area.  If you feel it is too cramped, consider swagging the light fixture to the rear and moving the gathering table back toward the kitchen a bit.  

Hope this gives you some viable options.  


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odd L shaped room
odd L shaped room  
QUESTION: the angled idea out of all would look best but still overall a cramped effect would occur. The couch is longer than wall width of cubby...Advice for filling the cubby? The other 1 of 2 would ideally work w/ different furn and TV (big screen not flat - too wide to hang)we also have kit island behind table. Sooo, what kind of furniture for this room would be ideal if i were to change? Goal: look nice for guests but mainly day to day tv viewing. I am too the point where i want to rip out a wall and move the room about 10-15 ft back!! Here is another view

Hi again,

Smaller scale furniture would be best for the space, as would a smaller television.  The couch and chair are scaled for a larger space.  I appreciate your frustration and wish I could remove the closet!

The "cubby" would be fine for a love seat or a pair of small slipper chairs, assuming you could put a TV above the fireplace.

As is, you're still better off angling the couch, and adding that large brown chair to the couch side of the space.  


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