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I have a beautiful blue (almost) sideboard that I purchased from I O Metro.  I have a brownish granite-topped table and chocolate colored leather dining chairs.  I would like to paint my dining room a light terra cotta color.  Will this be too much color?  Would it be better to play off the brown or the blue?  Thanks for your help.


Thanks for writing and for your question about color.  I have to say most of us don't have enough color in our lives - particularly our homes - so getting your question about a concern for too much color is unique.

Playing off one color versus another is a matter of personal preference.  But having said that, consider your color choice based on what you like best, what you have the most of and what mood you want to set in the space.

Obviously the brown is prominent, with the blue being an accent (a great one for brown by the way.)  If you paint your walls in a shade of blue, it will be a "cool" room with warm accents (the brown). It will also accent the sideboard (assuming you use a pale shade of same) and tie it into the space. If you use a shade of brown, it will tend to make the room "feel" warmer.  Using a terra cotta (a shade of red) will entice the appetite, and again, will warm up the space.  

The three colors will work together and opting for a pale shade of terra cotta is a good choice.  Now the decision is yours.


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