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I have an L shape living room/dining room. The living room area in the long part of the L.  It's approx. 23' long
As you walk in to the room there is a bay window on the left.
It's a 8' long by 6'deep. I have painted the bay a brick red color to off set it. (wrong color) the other walls are a sand color. I think the bay is the focal point.I'm not sure if I should put two rattan chairs or love seat. Or something else.

On the other wall which is 9' long is a full length couch there, which is big and old.  I live in Florida and would like that beachie feel.  Perhaps rattan furniture, however sometimes it's not comfortable.  At the end of the room is a 40" window with another full length couch.  To large.  There is an outdoor patio table now serving as a dinning room table that part of the room is actually small when you turn the corner. There is another 40" window (same wall as the other 40" window.  A 12'L by 11' wide.  I don't know if a oval, round or square table goes in this space.  There is sliding patio doors. This living/dining area is our main living space in the house.  I need assistance in furniture placement, size of furniture, style.  The walls are basically empty other than kids art and photos. Perhaps you can help?  Thanks.  Cheers, Joan  

Hi Joan,

First of all, it sounds as though your bay window is the natural focal point.  Since it's a bay, consider either two chairs and a small table, OR a built-in window seat.  

Rattan furniture can be comfortable, but the comfortable rattan is not inexpensive.  Shop around for the best quality and price.  Make sure you sit in it before you purchase.  My best suggestion is to keep the furniture's upholstered portions in a neutral fabric.  Don't make the mistake of going for a wild pattern or floral.  You may tire of it before it wears enough to be replaced.

As for a table, you can easily accommodate a rectangular shape, an oval or a round.  I prefer round or oval because it allows for easy conversation and has a more relaxed and casual feeling.  As for style, take your cue from the rattan in the living area.  While I don't recommend matchy matchy, I do recommend that since you're making this investment, you put furniture together that coordinates. It sounds as though you're into a more casual, tropical style, so carry that through in your new furnishings.

Lastly, please consider painting your walls.  White walls do nothing to enliven or warm up (or cool down) a space.  Any neutral color is better than white.  Use your favorite color and surround yourself with it.  You will surely not regret it.

Good luck with shopping and painting.


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