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Hi, I am remodleing My kitchen. The counters are black speckled copper and tan and white swirl colors. The cabnits are a yellow oakish color. Black appliances. The adjoining living room ( Almost one big room.Open desighn) Has ble and back tables and deep blue couches. The wall paint is a soft pale peach color with mauve blue green and pinks and yellow pastels through the room. What color paint should I use for the kitchen wall? It is a small room there is a skylight that We put in to give lots of light. I want to keep it airy and bright.

Hi Julie,

Thanks for your question.  

If you want to continue the feel you have going in the adjacent space (great room) you could use the blue/green as your wall color for the kitchen.  A turquoise is too dark, but a lighter shade of teal would be beautiful and coordinate the two spaces.  

Another option - putty or taupe; a brownish grey.  Beautiful.


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