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i have the urgent requirement of sealing multible buildings, (windows, doors and partitions) as well as flooring, external showers and baths for use on a 24 hour basis, by multiple users; internal toilet facilities, roofs ceilings and decks... mostly i need advice on furniture concepts and kitchen decorating, after i seal it... i am in africa (nigeria) and all i have available is alot, alot of wood and limited tools... can you help? i have beleif in My Lord you can...


While this is outside my area of expertise, I share the love of the Lord as well.  My best suggestion is to use an external grade of caulking for sealing windows, doors, etc.  If you don't have access to caulk, create mud that will crudely substitute.  If the mud is packed hard enough, it will harden when it is dry and seal the openings.  While is may not look terrific, it will do the job.  

As far as furniture concepts, it sounds as though you need multi-functional furniture so that it can be used for several purposes.  Benches work great and can be made of wood.  As for the kitchen area, create the work space so that everything is easily reached.  If you are putting in appliances, form a Triangle with them.  

I'd also suggest that you go to the Building section on this website and ask a builder to assist you.  I'm sure we have someone who is much more knowledgeable about construction that I am.

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