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I polished my new dining table made of Rubberwood with Minwax paste wax and it turned out all blotchy.   Minwax can't tell me how to get the wax off.  I have tried buffing even with an electric buffer to no avail.   Can you suggest something?

Hi Janine,

Thanks for writing and for your question.

The wax may have worked well IF you had taken the finish off the table before applying it.  As it is, the parts of the table that were worn took the wax more than the less worn areas, making it blotchy.

Rubberwood is beautiful but does require some special care.  My best suggestion, based on what you have tried, is to sand off the entire finish down to the bare wood and then rather than using a paste wax, use a clear non-yellowing (says non-yellowing on the can) polyeurthene.  Apply several (like 7-8 coats) of the poly allowing each coat to dry thoroughly between coats, and using a fine grit sand paper across the surface every 3-4 coats.  This should give you the straight from the store finish.


PS:  As time wears on, make sure you clean the rubberwood with a mild soap and water, then follow that with a white vinegar and water rinse.  You may have to add additional coats of poly after a year or so.

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