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The bedroom has the A type of ceiling without the top of the A. I like reds and have many home made quilts, I want this room to be sexual, mom like and just a retreat. I am a single mom and am very artistic, going to law school. The only colors I do not like are blues or greenish blues. I am at a lose for color adaptation and the ceiling design. could you please sent me some cozy, not to country,photos with a color and ambiance. Thanks, Lisa

Red Bedroom Pics
Red Bedroom Pics  
Hi Lisa,

I know you said that you don't want country, but not sure what style you want. Here is what I'm thinking, you can let me know if it sounds like what you have in mind. Since you like red, how about doing a red, black, and white color scheme. To add the sexiness to the space I would love to see a zebra print rug. That would add a great visual graphic touch to the room. You could add a chandelier for added glam to your room, put on a dimmer so that you could dim the lights for a sexy night time look. Attached are a few inspiration pics. If you would like to add a zebra print rug...let me know. I am the owner/designer of Creative Carpet Design and we sell a zebra print rug that is very popular. We can even add a shag border to it for added interest & texture.

Hope this helps!
Darlene, Owner/Designer
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