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I live in a town twin that is about 100 years old.  I have chosen a country motif for my home.  I have 2 large windows in my living room.  The window facing the street is 63" wide and 66" long.  Above this window is a stained glass piece that stretches the length of the window.  The woodwork meets the ceiling.  The second window is actually 2 windows side-by-side.  The combined total width is 88" wide and 66" long.  I currently have lace sheers (with mini-blinds/shade on front window) with a scarf that goes the width of the window.  I'm looking for something cozy and warm that also allows privacy.  To me, the window treatments are boring.  The wall color is between a yellow and a gold; the scarves are a deep burgundy and the lace sheers are off-white.  Woodwork around windows is beige but I would like to paint a nice country white.  Furniture has a floral pattern of gold, burgundy and teal.  I would appreciate any ideas you could give me.  Thanks so much!


Thanks for your question about window treatments.  

It sounds as though your home was built in a craftsman bungalow style since you have stained glass built in around your window.  That stained glass and style works well for you since you want a more country flavor.  

Here are my suggestions.  Since privacy is obviously an issue, you will need to keep either blinds or shades on the windows.  If you mount them inside the casing, that will allow you to dress the outside of the window area without blocking any light.  You can find some "nice" yet inexpensive roller shades that often have a scalloped edge on the end.  This is more country styled, and much nicer than slatted blinds.  You can also add a country motif "pull" on the bottom of the shade.

Instead of the scarves, invest in some lined draperies for the windows.  Treating the two windows together as one is a great idea, so purchase only one pair of draperies for those.  The drapery length should be at least 84" and if you want them to close, purchase 63" wide x 84" long.  For the window facing the street, use the same drapery in a 48" width x 84" length.  If you can find tie-backs that coordinate with the drapes, do that.  This allows you to change up the look, and gives a nice cozy feeling.  

As you look for draperies, use the solid color that is most prevalent in your couch upholstery.  If that's gold, use a darker shade than the wall color.

When you purchase rods, use a black iron or dark brown iron rod treatment, and hang them about 2 inches above the windows.  If the stained glass area presents a problem, hang the rods at the top of the window.

Paint your moldings a bright shiny white.

This will give you a warm cozy feel and look, while giving you a relaxed country feeling.


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