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Hi,  My problem is my paneling!  All of my interior walls are paneling.  I have wanted to paint them but my husband refuses!  Absolutely not!  So I was wondering how or what I could use to brighten my rooms?  Wall art?  Furniture? We have just purchased a couch that is a Rust color so maybe the end tables should be an antique white?  Pictures on the wall framed in antique white?  I don't know.  Could you help?

What is the reason your husband refuses to paint the panelling? Is it because he doesn't want to do all that work or is he just in love with the wood color? Perhaps show him photos of rooms where the paneling has been painted and what a difference it makes for the better. If he still insists on keeping the dark paneling, I would keep all your other furniture light. You have the right idea about the antique white. Hope that helps!


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