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I live in a house build in 1968 with a cathedral ceiling.  In three rooms, dining, living and family, i have good woold panelling.  I do not want to get rid of it or paint over it.  I just need to know what sort of wall hangings are good.  The wall in the livint room is 20 feet long.  The color scheme is neutrals and beiges for furniture and carpeting.  Right the wall looks dull.  I am not good with decorating and don't have the budget to hire a decorator at the moment so I need to just brighten up these rooms a little.

Hi, Rupi.  You're very lucky to have such beautiful architectural detail. I can understand how tough it is to find the right decorating solution. I would suggest a large scale tapestry wall hanging. If you have trouble finding the right one, you can even try  heavy weight curtain fabric of your choice, preferably in lighter toned colours available at most drapery stores. Take a length of this fabric and add 'tab tops' to the top end. Install a curtain rod to hang the fabric from.  I don't know if your wood panelling goes all the way up, but if it does, you can install the rod hanging from the ceiling as close to the wall as possible.  Be sure to hang your art in relationship to the furniture: ie centered above the sofa.
I also offer an 'Ask the Decorator' service on my website. I would be happy to see any photos you may have, so I can be of further assistance to you if needed.
Thank you, for your time.
Shamim Razvi

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