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Hello Darlene we just bought a house and it has a large kitchen combo.  dining room connected.  however it does feel seperarte because the dining room area sets of seperated by an island.  the flooring is wood (medium color) the countertops in the kitchen are burgendy, and the cabinets are medium color wood a touch darker than the flooring.  my husband wanted to paint an accent wall in the dining area olive green and the other walls a real light green then he wanted to pait the kitchen a cream yellow? i think it would break up the area to much and make it look small, and not sure about the cream yellow with the burgendy counter tops?  what do you think?

It sounds like by the colors you are going for a tuscan look. It is fine to use a variety of colors in your space as long as they are all used somewhere in both your kitchen & dining room. For example if you paint your dining room olive green, you would need to add olive green somewhere in the kitchen. Maybe in canisters or other kitchen accessories. If you use yellow in the kitchen then you would want to include yellow in your dining room...perhaps in old world style vases/jugs on your table or plates. To tie in the burgundy of your counters I would find a fabric with all the colors that you are using...burgundy, olive green, yellow and either sew or have made some drapes, maybe a table runner, add some fabric to some kitchen towels, etc... Hope this helps!

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