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Hi I am trying to get my new home (living room) settled before my twins are born, I know I will have no time later:-) I have a medium brown shade of hard wood floors and bright golden yellow walls. I am trying to create a color pallet and here is my dilemma. I have a choice to get fern green couch covers or Choc brown. Maybe even another color and I also have a creamy-tinge of gold big area rug. I am really in need of color pallets If I go with a deep green couch cover with the hard wood floors and area rug (wall color, curtains, pillows, accent) or if I go with the brown couch cover. I am thinking I want to stay dark with the couch covers due to the light area rug? I like neutral but with pop of color...I like yellow walls but maybe like a camel and that is as far as I can go!  Thanks!!!

Hi Lori, I'm not quite clear as to what you exact question is but I'll try my best.  I would advise you to go with the chocolate brown couch cover, because it acts as a neutral.  You can easily bring in some green with throw pillows, or maybe even a pillow with fabric containing the yellow of the walls and the green that you like.  The rug that you have will work with most colour schemes.
I also offer an 'Ask the Decorator' service on my website. I would be happy to be of further assistance to you if needed.
Thank you, for your time.

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