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I  recently rented a third floor finished attic space that I absolutely love. The space is about 700 sq. ft., the kitchen is 370 sq. ft., so I am planning it as a family room, by creating three seperate zones, including an area for watching television, using the existing shelving to house the tv, movies, cds, and even overflow kitchen items, (good china, rarely used items.) There is plenty of storage creating from using the negative space behind the walls. I have spent the last two months renovating (nothing structural), getting about three families worth of furniture removed, cleaning, carpet, spackling, painting, and now I am ready to  decorate. I really want to go modern.  The color of the carpeting (commercial grade) is called "Pale Cedar," it looks sort of Mauve, and the wall color, I can't remember is pink, (it has a lot of black in it so it looks very modern). I painted the entire space in this same color, with the exception of a closet that runs the length of the hallway and wraps around into the livingroom. I chose a very cool gray to paint all of the paneling, and because replacing the original commercial tile in the kitchen, down the hallway, and the stairs when you enter the space, I decided to paint all  of those surfaces in the gray. It helped to lighten the hallway and was a very inexpensive way to update the flooring. The kitchen and the livingroom have a pass through, so the rooms all flow together. I have begun trying to get that modern feel by using lots of rectangles, circles, pewter, nickel, glass, and wood finishes, and plenty of black,  combinged with black and white artwork. I have found a modern of furniture pieces of furniture from thrift stores, but, I need some functional seating, I am a grandmother, and I need somewhere for them to sleep when they want to spend the night.Do you have any suggestions? I live in Cleveland, OH.

Hi Toni,

It sounds like you should join All Experts and take decorating questions of your own!  You've made some excellent choices in paints and color combinations.  

For multi-functional seating, I'd suggest either a love seat size pull-out sofa, or convertible sofa (where the two sides lie down beside one another) in black leather.  If all else fails, you "could" use a futon, but if you do, it should be a more contemporary version with stainless steel sides and solid black (or grey) cushions.  

Depending on how many grandchildren you'd need room for, another option is the oversized chair and ottoman.  When placed together, they easily "sleep" two small kids.

Hope this helps you.  Thanks for writing!


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