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My question is really about "pulling it all together"....we have a long narrow living room with a family room right next to just go down a couple of steps.  I am wondering if both rooms should be painted the same colors, and should the decorating colors in each room (i.e. furniture colors, accent colors) be in the same color category.  We just redid our family room with a rice color waffle look (small square) carpet with a medium taupe color wall.  The windows and woodwork are white.  We have a lot of light in that room.  We are using our burgundy leather sofa, along with a taupe and cream traditional type occasional chair, along with iron legged Pottery Barn coffee and end tables that have wood tops.  Our lamps are also iron with cream shades.  I need to recover a wood valance for the long window in that room and also put in some sofa pillows.  Not sure what color pillows to buy, or what design of fabric to use over the large window.  The theme seems to be taupe/black/brown wood in that room.  I was thinking of using a punch of green for accent, such as a wood bowl filled with limes.  I then need to go into the living room and redo that room.  We want to replace the carpet with either wood or laminate wood looking floors, and have a black and white checked clayton marcus sofa with a black and white toile fabric chair.  Would you advise to do the walls in the living room a taupe color also, but maybe in a different shade?  I was thinking of using some glass accents such as in candlesticks and lamp bases.  Thank you.

Hi Sandy,

Wow - you've been up to some renovation!  

First, since the rooms are adjacent to each other, and separated only by a couple of steps, I would continue the taupe paint into the family room.  It is a perfect backdrop for your furnishings.  For the valance that you are recovering, I would use a common (to both rooms) color even if it's a darker shade of taupe (darker than the wall color).  A punch of green is an excellent idea - maybe even chartreuse - and I'd consider a pillow or two, plus the limes and then perhaps a vase in the same color.  

For the living room, consider wood laminate.  It's a fabulous product and there are many options; in wood, you have your choice of plank or inlaid styles, and there's even a stone look available.  Laminates wear well and are only damaged by standing water.  They are easy to clean and affordable.  

Glass accents will be very Hollywood Glam with the black/white and the taupe.  Beautiful.  Try adding the chartreuse as an accent in this room as well.  It will help to solidify the relationship between the two spaces.  

Thanks for writing!

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