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How does one decorate a very tall wall (approx. 15') x 20' long?  I don't know whether to have all framed prints, mix in some ironwork, how many to have, etc.  Is there a general rule for this type of large wall?

Hi Denise,

There are a few different ways to approach this tall wall.  One is to have one very large object, i.e., a single piece of artwork that is in scale (very large, tall and wide) to the wall.  Most of us can't afford that, nor do we have the ability to even hang it if we had it!  Another approach is to hang a rod that supports some cloth item that matches or coordinates with our decor; for instance a kimono (for an oriental environment), or a handmade quilt (for a more contemporary country feel).  For a contemporary environment, one might hang a singular long piece of stainless steel sheeting.  

Having said all that, you may indeed want to create a collage of framed prints.  If so, all should be framed identically, and they should be hung in odd numbers, i.e., 9 or 11, or 13 etc.  If you opt to do this, then lay out the design on the floor, arranging and rearranging until you have a grouping that you love before making the first hole on the wall.  A trick of the trade is to cut newspaper or parchment paper the exact size of your frames and tack them to the wall.  Once you've done that, it's an easy process to replace the paper with a nail and the actual art piece.  My last suggestion for a collage is to keep the space between each piece the same for a more cohesive, professional look.  Two inches is probably a good place to start so that the wall color shows between each piece and the pieces are spaced as far apart top to bottom as they are side to side.

Perhaps the simplest option is to frame and/or purchase 3 large prints and hang them vertically on the wall.  

Hope this helps you!


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