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office area
office area  
 We are remodeling an old log home and are in the process of doing part of the upstairs. When you come up there is an area that we are making an office and cannot decide on a color for the walls.  The two side walls have dark square logs on the bottom half with white in between the logs, and above the logs there is light pine wood on the ceiling and angled part of the ceiling which meets the log. The wall with a very small window has logs half way up and then dry wall and the opposite wall(part is angled) has a door to my daughter's room which we are also working on. I am trying to decide on a paint color for the office area which has one small window and not a lot of natural light. I love the dark warm orange or reddish orange colors, but cannot find one I like and am afraid of it may be too dark for the space. Maybe a lighter yellow? i read something about figuring out the percentage of light in the room with all the lights on and saturation. I read that something light does not necessarily make the room brighter. It can look dingy and dirty if there is not enough natural light hitting it. It also said that darker colors can make the room feel warm and cozy. I am lost as too what color to pick. My style is extremely rustic, but I also love the tuscan feel. I need someone to give me a couple paint colors(exact brand and color name). I am looking at Pittsburg paint, behr, Glidden, Ralph Lauren and Dutch Boy.  We would like to paint as soon as possible. Here are some photos of the room(I took them early morning. It does get a bit brighter in the room later in the day, but not much.)  I can only send 1 picture for some reason. If you need pictures of other parts of the room, please let me know.  Thanks!  

Hi Kathy,

Thanks for the photo.  It helps to visualize exactly what you have and what if any limitations there are to the space.

First and foremost, I'd paint the logs on the lower portion of the wall.  Prime first and then paint them.  It will do wonders for the space.

Secondly, I've selected a color that brings out the celing color and will work even if you do not paint the lower logged portion of the wall.  It's Behr Raffia Cream 710C-2.  My second favorite is Wild Honey 760C-3 and both pull the yellowish cream out of the pine.  

IF you paint the lower portion of the room in a pale tone, you could use Behr's Glazed Pecan 280D-5 which is a warm orange tone, or both the logged portion and the drywall could be painted in the Glazed Pecan.  

Hope this gives you some direction.


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