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QUESTION: Hi there.  Just bought a cocoa colored sectional and it is in my livingroom in one corner--tv is in the corner diagonal.  I haven't picked out tables or accent furniture yet. Walls are blocked in a putty/grey color one slightly darker than the other.  Floor is walnut (wood) with grey area rug (might change). Anyway, if you have any suggestions for accent furniture.  I have a 23 month old busy, busy little boy. I have about 3 ft on one side of the sectional and 4 ft on the other.  I've got 3 identical brown pictures kind of asian themed plant with cream colored branches and the odd pink/cranberry accent.  Thinking of hanging this over the short side of the sectional (which is the side with 3 ft space beside)  Do I center the pictures over the sectional or in the center of the wall?  Also, What could you suggest for the other side?  I was thinking something larger...I like abstract, but not bold colors or a lot of strong lines...I like Karen Silve's work, for example.  Do I just do one large piece or a few (3) pieces in a set and do I center it over the sectional or the wall?  If I section the art over the sectional, what could I hang on the other space that wouldn't clash or look too cluttered?

ANSWER: Hi Stacey,

Love the idea of the sectional in cocoa!  Center the art on the wall rather than the sectional.  Using an odd number of art pieces is always preferable to two, four etc.  

How about adding some upholstered ottomans to the mix.  This gives you additional seating when and if you need it, and some are available with storage (for toys etc.)  

If you use a 3 piece art for the one wall, use a singular piece of art for the other space.  

Hope this helps and answers your questions.  Thanks for writing.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Jenny. Thanks for the quick reply.  I was originally thinking of a cream colored ottoman, but then I'm thinking...23 month old, maybe not. But I like the idea of a plum/pink/cranberry accent.  Do you think it would be too much or clash with the sectional if an ottoman was that color (not super bright) or accent chairs?  If I have an ottoman, is it too much to also have an accent chair and in a different color or would they all have to be the same color.  So, you were saying 3 on one side (which will be the short side) then one on the other side (which is the long side).  On that wall thee's about 4 ft to play with past the sectional.  What would look good in that space?  A bundle of pictures all with the same frame color, for example?  Also, what do you suggest for window coverings.  Right now I've just got plain rice paper roll down blinds, but I need a curtain suggestion.

Cream colored ottoman is a recipe for disaster with your busy boy!  I think I'd try to "match" or "coordinate" the colors between the ottoman and the chair, OR use a cocoa colored ottoman that coordintaes with your sectional.  If you want to accent the plum/pink/cranberry look for a chair and ottoman in those shades.  While that may be tough to find, you may find get lucky.

Grouping pictures or photos is a good idea for the 4 foot space.  Just make sure the frames and mattings are the same color.  

The chair and the ottoman do NOT have to be the same, and can be different.  You may want to introduce a new color to the mix!

For window coverings, combine all the colors in the room into the fabric you choose.  It could be an abstract, a print, a stripe or a floral.  When you take the cocoa, the plum/pink/cranberry and your wall color (plus some white or off-white) the look will be coordinated and rich.  Since your space "sounds" a bit Asian inspired, you may find a beautiful silk drapery that meets your needs.  Best bet for those at a reasonable price is Bed, Bath & Beyond.

If you prefer a more formal look, then use a solid color similar to your sectional and keep your rice paper roll downs for privacy.


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