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well my dad died a while back and i've been a bit depressed about it and so i haven't done anything to the house. i haven't fixed it in a while. i now come home to see the house in disarray and i find it discomforting. I'd like to REALLY fix it up and be proud to bring a few friends over. If i sent you pics of the room, or if possible rooms, would you give me a good idea on how to arrange furniture that i'll buy? give me some pointers on how to make my rooms a more warmer feel to them.


Feeling the loss of a loved one is a difficult experience.  Leaving chores undone and allowing clutter to accumulate is a natural thing to do during this time.  

I'd be happy to look at photos to help you restyle the room(s) in your home.

God Bless you in your time of distress.


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