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I am building a house and I'm a terribly indecisive about things.  I was hoping you could suggest a good color scheme for my bedroom.  I am going to have dark cherry furniture, and a very light nearly white carpet (haha, with a strict no shoes rule).  I had been planning to go with lighter furniture but I was given the dark cherry furniture as a gift and it is very nice.  I'd like something relaxing, but not too dark, that would match.  Thanks for all your help!  :)  -Julia

Hi Julia,

I could suggest lots of paint colors, but without knowing what you like and don't like, it's difficult.  Let's just look at it from the perspective of serene which every bedroom should be.  

Cool tones like blues and greens (pale to medium in intensity) are great for southern climates where "bone chilling" isn't present.  They're airy and relaxing and both blue or green would work with your dark cherry furniture and white carpet.  

Warmer tones like mocha or latte, pale grey or butter yellow are all restful shades that would work well with your furnishings as well.  If your preference is for a warm color, I'd probably recommend a shade close to latte.  

I hope this helps you decide.  Thanks for writing.


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