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cheries living room
cheries living room  
As you can see, I have oak furniture and a large pink and gray fireplace. What wall color would you suggest. (pay no attention to the upholstered furniture, i plan to change it to a plain neutral with slipcovers) there is a large plain wall across from the fireplace where the couch is.
see picture attached

It looks like there is some grey in the brick fireplace. If you paint your walls grey I think it would be a big improvement to your space. Also if you add a mantle to the fireplace it would break up the large expanse of brick. I can see a chunky white mantle. I don't know if you like your brass fireplace screen, but if you don't you could always use a liquid sander on it to remove the shiny coat and then paint it  with a metal fireproof flat black paint. Those changes would really update your room.

Hope that helps!

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