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Blue bedroom set
Blue bedroom set  
Help! My son has royal blue bedroom furniture with beige trim but he demands to have a light green in his room.  I've been agonizing over the right combination to make this work but not having much luck.  I've attached a photo of the furniture set.
Any ideas?  I have been known to do 2 colours - 1 on top and 1 on bottom separated by chair rail.



Hi Josh,
The room looks great, but, the blue is a primary color that would  contrast with a light green. However, you can make this work by using shades of the same hues of the shade of green that you choose. Use the color wheel to help choose your contrasting (directly accross from your color on the wheel), or complimentary (on either side of your color on the wheel) to do this. You did not mention what the wall color is, but, bringing in the green in new bedding is the quickest and easiest way to accomodate your son. Painting the walls in your chosen green is an another inexpesive alternative to achieve the look you want. You can bring in more shade(s) of green in an area rug and window treatments. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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