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QUESTION: Hi! I have a small office in a private home and I chose to paint it eggplant (actually a deep shade of purple) on a whim.  Although I am happy with the results, I am a bit uncertain how to continue. Because I work for a non-profit organization, I am lacking the funds for a complete makeover and I would be grateful for advice what to do with the existing furniture. We have open pine shelves and a small cherrywood antique desk with an amazing -very modern- Mac computer. Like I said, a true mix of styles!! To complicate matters, the room is a basement room. A relatively large, long window brightens the room considerably. I can't change the color, but am clueless how to unite the remaining elements. I can paint the shelves and buy a few small accessories, but more is not in the budget. I really like Moroccan-design...

I would be grateful for any advice you could give me!! I have until August to complete my project.

Best wishes,

ANSWER: Sounds great! Purple is an exciting color and will establish a modern feel to any space. Morrocan design uses brilliant colors including greens, blues, reds and  yellows. Silver and gold are common also. Yellow is a contrasting color to the Eggplant and Red is complimentary color, using either color to paint the pine open shelving would give you a great place to add accessories in the other complimentary colors, and cool the warm hue of the wood. Be sure to use the same hue of colors. Clear vases filled with colored beads, (thrift stores are a great source), wooden figurines, as well as, wrought iron elements are commmon in this style also. Adding texture in the space is critical in any design, This can be accomplished by adding matchstick, bamboo, or rattan blinds to the windows, with faux panels in gold or silver or at least something with a metallic finish will help bring this style home. The antique desk will help to ground all of the color and add depth to the space. Good luck. Hope this helps!

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for taking the time to give me advice. I have two final questions, though. You said that I should use the same hue of colors and I think you mean that I should stick with the cooler hue I chose which includes purples, blues, reds, and greens. Is that right? Which red tone would you recommend for the shelving? My friend already bought a purple tone, but I'm thinking of exchanging it for the red you spoke about in order to intensify the Moroccan touch. Best wishes.

Hi Julie,
Exactly! These colors are all indicative of Morrocan design, and will work beautifully with the Eggplant (Purple) already in the space. I think using a red that has the blue undertones is the route to go, using a red with too much yellow towards orange would throw off the balance. Ironically, sporadic pops of yellow in your accessories on the shelf with the red as a backdrop would be exciting!

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