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I have a small apartment that I have lived in for six years.  Every room is painted white and I am bored to death.  I want to add color and drama to my home.  I love warm chocolate browns, rich burgundy and plums and sometimes a bunch of red.  How do I incorporate these dark colors into my redecorating without further closing in my already small space?   I love these colors and want to put them on my walls, use them with pillows and comforters, etc.  How do I best do this?  I am looking for a rich, welcoming, cozy type feel.

Hi Pamela,
I too love color, particularly Chocolate Brown, just sounds yummy doesn't it? You did not mention whether you are allowed to paint, if so, paint the wall that you would consider to be focal wall in your space the chocolate brown, if you are considering painting all of the rooms in  your space, do the same for other rooms, with the burgundy and plum. These are all rich, warm colors and can cohabitate very nicely together. However, if you can't paint, you can achieve the same look by buying fabric which you can attach to canvas or even thin wood and hang on the walls to add blocks of color. This method may allow you to be even more creative,  in that it will allow you to have all three or four colors in the same room by using different configurations. Another way to bring all of these colors into your space is with the use of accessories, area rugs, window treatments, pillows, vases, etc. Texture is huge in creating a warm, cozy and interesting space. Matchstick blinds are an excellent, inexpensive way to add texture to a space. A great source for home accessories are your local thrift stores. You are always going to find something different and if you find something that you like, but, it is not the right color-paint it! Spray paint comes in so many colors and finishes that you can transform anything from wood to glass!  I hope this helps.

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