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I have recently bought an old Portuguese style house whereby the entrance to the house opens into the center of the living room!!!  The living room is long, so basically I have technically the living room in two parts.  How do I go about decorating my living room.

Hi Viana,
Well, I can't say that I know what Portuguese style is, but, it made me think beautiful archways, tall windows with breezy flowing fabrics and shiny textural floors throughout. You have many options in your design choices and it can be overwhelming, but, the easiest way to decorate a large space such as yours is to break up the space into seperate seating areas. Perhaps a sofa flanked by two chairs in front of a large window, and another seating area in front of the fireplace, opposite book shelves, or any other architectural element that you may have in the space, that will allow you to have a focal point for each seating area. Use coordinating fabrics, accessories,  textures and colors to make the space the cohesive. Good luck. Hope this helps.

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