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I am redesigning my living room i have brought black fabric sofas which have
a silver lining. Also i havnt yet decided carpet colour and curtains. Please
help me as soon as possible. Thank you.

Hi Leah,
You're on the right track, take the cure from the silver lining of your black sofa and bring in more shiny, reflective elements into the space such as metallic, chrome and glass. Blues, grays, taupes, and white(s) are great choices for your carpeting and curtains, because they are all neutrals, and will give you more options in your accessories. A good rule of thumb is to go neutral in your overall design, and bring in more color(s) in your accessories,(pillows, rugs, vases, artwork), these items are much easies and inexpensive to change when you want a new look. Good luck. Hope this helps.

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