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I have a burgandy leather couch & loveseat.  I have light oak colored hardwood floors with a cream shag area rug.  My question is what should I do for window coverings on my sliding glass door that separates the living area from the balcony?  I would like to include the balcony as a "visual" for additional space.  I am having difficulty finding a texture of material that complaments the leather furniture and the floors meanwhile keeping things from looking too heavy.  Also, I hung the curtain rod off-center in order to create the illusion that the patio door itself is centered in the room, therefore, a sheer fabric will not work.  I would like that sliding glass door and balcony to be a focal point and Im not sure what color I should use either.  Do you have any ideas?

sliding fabric panels
sliding fabric panels  
Hi Angie, Try replacing your current treatment with sliding fabric panels.  (see attached photo).  They come in a variety of materials, and depending on the manufacturer, usually can be chosen with a choice of light filtering backings.  Order them in a size that can create the same  visual illusion as your curtain panels.  I think a natural woven material would work best with your decor.
I also offer an 'Ask the Decorator' service on my website. I would be happy to be of further assistance to you if needed.
Thank you, for your time.

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