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We just bought a new house that includes red walls, yellow
walls, and a mural, just in the Kitchen, living, dining
space.  It has golden oak floors that need to be refinished,
oak accents and trim throughout the house, and vaulted
ceilings with a sky light through the dining room living
room area.  The orange red brick fireplace is in the living
room, and has a black fireplace insert.  
I like the Oak accents, the ceiling is staying white but
getting repainted, and currently the living room furniture
is a sagey green.  I'd like to do some shade of grey on the
walls, I'm hoping blue grey, and have a common color scheme
through the three rooms, but everything else is up for
debate.  Should I refinish the floors darker or leave them
golden, paint the fireplace or leave it natural brick?  Oh,
and the kitchen cabinets are currently an ugly tan,
suggestions on a color until I can replace them with wood?

Hi Aubrey,

First want to say I love your name...I named my first born daughter Aubrie.

I think the blue grey wall color would look awesome with dark floors. Blue grey is a cool color so I think if you left the golden oak floors as is the floors which are in a warm color would compete with the blue grey wall color. As for your fireplace you will need to either paint it a cream or white and add a dark mantle to match your dark floors or you could even build a plywood form over it and then cover it with whatever you want.

I know you said you like the oak accents, but if they are golden oak you should also consider sanding them down and restaining them the color of your dark floors.

Now for your kitchen cabinets...I don't know if your kitchen is large or small so if it is small how about painting your cabinets white or cream? If it is large you could go with black cabinets.

Hope this helps!
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