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So my husband and I are at complete odds over this issue.  We are putting chair railing in our son's nuresey to divide the two colors of blue/grey we painted the wall.

The issue is not whether to do chair railing, it's what color to paint it.  He wants to paint the railing the same color as the base boards, off-white.  I would like to paint the railing a fun color being it's for a boy's nursery.  You know, to add some fun to the room, maybe a green or gold color to match the crib bedding.

Who's right?  Is painting chair railing a bright color wrong?


There is no right or wrong! Typically though the base board moulding and chair rail moulding and crown moulding (if you have that) all matches. When my daughter was a baby back in the 80's we had wall paper on the bottom half of her wall, followed by chair rail moulding, that seperated a sponged paint technique on the top half of her walls. Now we painted the chair rail moulding a pastel yellow, but also painted the window casing, sills, and base board moulding pastel yellow as well. Making the mouldings all match is a more visually pleasing look. Now if I had to do it again...I would keep the mouldings white or cream and add the accent color in accessories, like art, pillows, rugs, curtains, etc...

Add your pop of color in your accessories and it will save you from repainting all that moulding when you redecorate as your child gets older.

Hope that helps!

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