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We live in a one story- 2300 sq foot house.  I have two daughters ages 5 and 7.  In order to help with clutter, we are using the smallest bedroom in oour home as a playroom and office.  I am very unhappy with the way it looks but I don't know what to do to make it functional and look nice.  The room is small, maybe 11 feet by 11 feet.  Right now we have a large shelf with cubbie holes and this holds many of their toys, games, etc.  We got it at Ikea, it is the large one.  We also have a corner desk in there since this is where our computer is.  I am thinking we need to get a non-corner desk since this one takes up alot of two walls.  I want to make it more comfortable for my kids and their friends but we also need the computer in there. We don't have alot to spend, but the new desk would need at least one drawer, two would be better though! I am not finding one in our price range.  What are your suggestions for this small room to make it fun for the kids but also has the desk in there?  So far, all I can come up with is maybe a futon for them to sit on, some sort of table with storage in it (like a cocktail table but for kids.)  The shelves are white so do we have to stick with white for the desk, futon, etc?  I would be grateful for any advice!  THanks!

Hi Michelle, For this the size and function of this room I would suggest using furniture pieces that can perform double duty.  You can have a a small sofa-bed to be used for seating and guest sleepovers.  Futons aren't very stylish and not at all comfortable.  Ikea has very reasonably priced sofa beds.   Instead of a table use comfy leather or faux leather ottomans with built in storage that can also provide extra seating and act as tables.  Do replace the corner desk with a regular desk, as corner desk limit you on where you can place it.  The desk will look better in white, but the sofa-bed/futon doesn't have to be.  Any neutral colour would do.
I also offer an 'Ask the Decorator' service on my website. I would be happy to be of further assistance to you if needed.
Thank you, for your time.

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