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Hello Jenny,
I have been deciding for a while whether I should post this or not. I have read a lot of information about interior decorating, floorplans, furniture arrangements etc. but haven't been able to find what I needed and so hopefully you will be able to help me.
I have attached a picture made out of different views of my floorplan (hopefully it is not too confusing). All those measurements are just for the green area. The height of walls is 96" and there are no light fixtures in above the green area.
The colors of the floors are very similar to what my actual apartment has. The green one is carpet and that area is in need of your help. I have no idea as to how I should arrange my furniture and don't want to be buying any new one until I set up the one I already have. As well, I would like your help on what colors should I paint my place?
So to add, I have a set of 3-seat couch (~89" wide, lighter grey) & 2-seat loveseat (67" wide, lighter grey), I have one older 2-seat loveseat (63" wide, various shades of beige), 2  21" high end tables (22.5"x22.5" each, darker metal base with darker glass top) & same style 17" high coffee table (48"x24" darker metal base with darker glass top), 37" LCD TV, 30" high L-shaped comp. desk with 33.5" high hutch on left side only (Desk: 59x59, Hutch: 58"x11.5" brown/black color), 44" high 3-shelves barrister bookcase (35"x14" brown/black color), 52" high computer armoire (31.5"x19.5" brown/black color), 32" high TV stand (multipurpose bookcase with 2 and 2 shelfs, 47.5"x15.5" brown/black color), 30" high round dining table (~45" diameter, darker metal legs with granite looking top in darker beige color), set of 27.5" high table (top: 43.5"x18", oak color) & 18" high table (top: 22"x22", oak color), 72" high 5-shelf bookcase (30"x12" darker cherry color) and the last thing is my 34" high freezer (35"x23.5" white color).
Just to add, I am willing to get rid of things that you might suggest and buying some other ones. That big painting on my wall cannot be taken down (landlords request), the frame is medium brown color and the painting has these colors: different shades of orange, green, brown, yellow, white-blue and black. The AC is 28.5"x18.5", balcony door is 32.5"x88", baseboard heater under that painting is 133.5"x8.5"x2.5" and the other one is 161"x8.5"x2.5", window across from the kitchen is 42"x52".

I am sorry for such a long description, but I just didn't know what you would need to know. I would really appreciate it if you didn't post the picture online, I don't mind if you post the question.

Thank you Jenny.

I have to tell you first of all that based on your description of furnishings, you have much to much to fit comfortably in this space.  The living area as depicted in your floorplan dictates that the longest sofa go on the long wall; the love seat that matches could fit in an "L" shape with that and the television would have to be placed on the window wall.  The dining table will fit adjacent to the kitchen.  The only suggestion I have about the bookcases (and this is only if they are all matching) is to line the long wall in the living area with them, pulling the furniture out far enough to leave a comfortable walking area between them and the bookcases.  

Obviously the computer desk OR hutch will have to live in the bedroom, which I always discourage, because a bedroom should be a place of serenity and rest - not computers and work.  

As for paint - I'd opt for either a camel color or a grey.  Since the painting stays, you might opt to pull a color from that for your walls.  

Sorry to tell you this, but you have accumulated too much furniture for most apartments.  I'd pair down to what you truly need and use and get rid of the rest.


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