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I have pewter grey leather sofas - one two piece and one three piece.  I'd like to modernize my family room and don't have a clue what colors to use.  Our carpet is white, but will soon be changing it to dark colored laminate flooring.  Our video cabinets are also pewter grey.  Our large screen TV is also silver grey.  The only picture on the wall also has a grey frame.  I'm willing to paint the walls, but not sure what colors to use.  It's currently a snotty green.  We have bay windows in our family room and the blinds are beige and the drapery at the top of our windows are a rusty browny, orangy color.

Neutral beige colors are on the tiles and cupboards in the kitchen which is directly across from the family room.

I absolutely LOVE orange, red, chocolate brown, taupes.  Are you able to give me some decorating ideas, please?  I'm very challenged when it comes to being artistic or original.  I do know what I like and what I do not like though.

My kitchen is also challenged. My dining room table is black with black and gold chairs from 100 years ago.  

Where do I start?

I really appreciate and thank you for your response.

Hi Juliet,

You've already started!  Since you're obviously keeping the pewter grey sofas, let's work with them to incorporate some of the colors that you love.  First of all getting the dark laminate flooring will go a long way toward modernizing the space.  Let's consider painting the walls in a warm, rich taupe; Glidden's Toasty Grey is my favorite to recommend.  Consider painting the video cabinets in your family room in a dark chocolate brown.  Add drapery panels to each side of the bay windows in chocolate brown and make sure they hang on the outside of the windows from the top to the floor.  If you can update the blinds, consider using faux wood (available at very reasonable price points at home improvement stores# and opt for white.  Now add orange, red or both to the space using toss pillows for the couches.  You could also use a colored throw during the winter season.  Either reframe or paint the framed print in a chocolate brown.

Carry some of the chocolate brown into the kitchen with either accessories or even as a wall color behind and around your cabinetry.  There again, carry your accent color:  red or orange into the kitchen.  It could be something as simple as a red tea pot or an ornamental tray or plate sitting on the counter.  

Your dining table can be painted - again in the chocolate brown - as can the chairs.  It will take some amount of sanding #with a medium grit sand paper#, cleaning with a soft damp cloth and then using an appropriate primer #Kilz or Benz#.  Allow the primer to dry overnight, then paint.  You will be amazed at the results.  If your chairs have seat cushions, they can easily be recovered.  Unscrew the seat from the frame, invert the seat onto some fabric #a set of large napkins will even do the trick here) and staple gun the fabric onto the seat.  Work from one side across to the other side by stapling the fabric in the middle, THEN staple the outsides, smoothing the corners.  When you reattach the seats, you'll be amazed.

Hope this gives you enough info to relieve your desperation for a makeover.


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