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Decorating & Furniture/Would a solid rug work better with furniture with a floral pattern?


Hi! We just got a chair and ottoman reupholstered with a floral pattern:

Paltrow Sapphire

When the pieces were placed back in our living room, they seem to look odd with the rug we have in place. Here is the rug:

Brandie Area Rug

Are we wrong? We are thinking we need a new solid blue rug. What do you think?

Here is a picture of the pieces all together:

You might notice on the far right of the image, is an wall that is blue, this is why we went with a blue rug. Two opposite walls in this room are blue.


Thanks for the detail and photos - it makes answering so much easier.  

The Paltrow Sapphire fabric is beautiful.  The Brandie Area Rug is beautiful as well, but does not work with this furniture arrangement.  IF - that's a big if - the chair and ottoman could be separated from the sofa by a distance, it "could" work.  The ottoman sitting on the rug does not work.  

The short answer is opt for a solid blue or at least a 90% blue with a taupe or grey border.  

The key to mixing patterns is this:  All colors within one pattern Must Be in the 2nd pattern, and the sizes of the patterns must be different.  I see where you were going, but this doesn't work.


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