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I am really struggling with what colour to paint my dining
room. I have pine furniture and really don't know which
colour to go with on the walls. The east and west walls have
really high ceiling and the north and south walls have lower
ceilings, the south wall being mostly window.
My living room is a yellow, which connects to my kitchen. I
was hoping to paint the kitchen blue with white cabinets,
counters, etc, and then the dining room connects to the
kitchen. So ideally I would like all the colours to flow,
and I'm lost with what to do. I have not yet painted the
kitchen either, so am open to just about anything. Any
suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!



Thanks for writing and for your questions about color.  It's wonderful that you recognize that continuity of color works best.  

Since your living room is yellow, blue is a natural choice.  If your kitchen cabinets are white, you could most certainly use a medium to light shade of blue for the kitchen.  I'd opt for a shade of blue that is similar in tone (depth of color) to the living room's yellow; the darker the yellow, the darker the blue.  Then when it comes to the dining room, your choices can include a deeper shade of either yellow or blue, or a comparable shade of green.  

If your dining room furniture is pine, you probably do not want yellow for the walls, since the color is so close to the wood tone.  A contrasting shade would highlight the furniture, and green would be a good choice.  

Hope this gives you some food for thought.

Jennifer (Jenny) Wojcik
Author, "From Day One"
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