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Hello Jennifer:
I need help fast! My husband and I live in a 1200 ft 3 bdrm ranch and have decided to add on to the living room so that we have more room for a gas fireplace and entertaining. Our home is 48' long and 28' wide at the bedroom end and 26' wide at the living room/kitchen end.  We are adding on to the front of the house (the living room) and are arguing about how far out to add. Our living room is currently 20' by 13' and my husband would like to go out another 12', making the room 20' by 25' with the fireplace in the middle of the outside 25' wall. I'm trying to tell him that the room will just be too huge and the furniture will either have to be placed in more than one grouping or pulled away from the wall in order to feel cozy. We also want to extend the roof (which is a hip) to include a 6-8 ft ourside front porch which would run along the front of the house (20 feet long) in front of the new addition. I am concerned that adding 18-20' to the front of our ranch will obviously look like an addition and detract from the look of the house (we have vertical "board & batten" ?? wooden siding on our home). I'm looking at an 8' addition with 6-8' outside porch, which would make the living room 20x21. (My husband thinks "with the cost of adding 8 feet why not add 12?"). I am going to try to draw it out on graph paper but I'd like to know the pros and cons of both of our ideas. I would so appreciate your professional advice!

Hi Judy,

Thanks for your question, but I have to tell you that my expertise is interior not exterior or architectural.  

What I can tell you is that a living/great room that is 20 by 25 is not unusual, and that having furniture "float" in a room is much more appealing that lining the walls with it.  

Any addition to the exterior of a home will be somewhat obvious unless you have an architect design it and have it professionally built.  Architects are uniquely trained in structure, building codes and lot restraints.  My best advice is to contact one.

You may be able to find someone else here at All Experts that could be of more help.  Sorry I'm just not the right one for this job.

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