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We have moved into a house with a large family room - 16 x 10.  The entrance to the room is all open (no wall).  When you stand in this opening you look straight ahead to a fire place and the wall to the right has a big window.  The wall to the left is just a wall.  As we would like the fireplace to be the focal point, we have put the tv (small and old!) on an end table next to the fireplace with plans for a flat screen to go on the wall beside the fireplace one day.  There are 2 couches placed on the other 2 walls with a coffee table in front of one of them.  All of our furniture is a shade of brown and the floors are cherry hardwood.  Right now it is bland and although functional with kids not functional for conversation as we are too far apart!  Can you give me any suggestions for how to best place the furniture in this room?
Thanks so much.

Hi Gillian,  I guess it's always safe to assume that furniture should be placed against a wall, but that is definately not true.

For this room I would suggest placing the sofa facing the fireplace with a nice sofa/console table behind it.  Add some decorative pieces to the table so when you enter the room you won't be seeing the back of the sofa but a nicely decorated area.

Thinking ahead to when you have a mounted tv:   You can place the other couch on the side of the window wall bringing it in closer and  away from the wall to create more of a conversation area.  Add a rug and a coffee table and it should look a lot more inviting and stylish.

I also offer an 'Ask the Decorator' service on my website. I would be happy to be of further assistance to you if needed.
Thank you, for your time.

Shamim Razvi
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