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Thanks for being available for questions!

We are ready to lay 800 sq ft of tile in our house and are having trouble picking out a tile and design - we've been working on it for 6 weeks now so I really mean we're having trouble!

Without boring you with 6 weeks worth of details, suffice it to say that we want to use a pinwheel design in order to not have to look at long straight lines. The wide dimension on the floor outline I've attached is 35'  We want a uniform look to the floor (ie low variation) and originally wanted 18" and 12" tiles in the pinwheel.  We have since discovered we cannot get the same shade of 18s and 12s so....what to do.  We have two options at the moment.  One is to use 18" dark tiles (American Olean Vallano Caramel) with a light 6" Vallano Macadamia.  The pros are that we can use larger tiles in a room 30'x 15' but the cons are that we don't really like the multicolored look and that it creates a diagonal design.  A sub option to this is that we could use the same color for the 18s and 6s but accept that they will not match.  The other option is to use a dark 12" and the same color 6".  The pros are that they MAY match and give a uniform look, the cons being that it's a smaller 12" tile used in a large area.

Do you have any input that will help us make this decision?



Hi Doug,

Thanks for the question; it's a great one.  

When putting tile in a large expanse you are wise to choose a layout OTHER than straight lines.  That would give a bowling alley appearance, and would not be as pleasing to the eye as your other options.

Other concerns are:  color, size and grout.  The best option:  the same tile size, color, grout throughout even if it means intricate cuts.  Your best option here:  use the same sized tile in the living room portion (the larger the better and add the same COLOR tile even if it is another size in the adjacent areas.

Bottom line, I would not recommend switching tile color.  I'd adjust size NOT color.  If you want the BEST solution, find a tile that you can get the same size and color.

Last tip
(learned the HARD way):  Keep the floor grout medium to dark so it doesn't show dirt so easily.


PS:  You may want to consider a "brick" layout or an "angle" layout. Either may save you some work.

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