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I would really appreciate some advice. I have a fairly big house and I am repainting the whole house. I have bought some new sofas for the living room and they will be the the main item I want to base the theme of my house around. I have attached a photo of the sofa please note I chose not to buy the red stripe cushions as seen in the photo. So at the moment I only have grey and black to work with. I am thinking of purchasing a rug with grey and black with hints of fuchsia pink (i also attach this image) but this can be cancelled if you think something else would work. I really would love to have something that looks amazing as I haven't decorated my house in 10 years and everyone is expecting something amazing

Could you kindly advice me on the sort of wall paint I should go for as I cant decide. I really want to go for a shade of grey but I don't want to end up with a terrible uniform look. I haven't purchased a carpet yet either and was thinking of going for a similar colour carpet and wall paint as Im under the impression if the two match it gives an overall bigger look to a room? I'm probably wrong on that. I'm also thinking of buying a black dining table to go in the dining area or my living room - its an open plan. Black dining table with with either black velvet button chairs or grey velvet button chairs? Please advise on this.

I have some lovely chandeliers which are a silver leaf finish with amazing Egyptian crystals.


The couch you've selected makes a statement in and of itself.  Be careful when pairing furniture with it.  My best advice for that is to keep the ancillary pieces (chairs) in a solid color and not necessarily grey or black.  You mentioned hot pink and I think that another member of the red family would be more elegant and less "youthful".  Nutmegs, cinnamons, burgundies, all red/browns are natural pairings with black and grey as are cranberry, lavender and cherry.  You may even consider adding some all white pieces and accenting with one of the red family.

For the walls I have three suggestions, all of which can be viewed at; a) Pearl Grey (a soft grey with grey/green undertones); b) Grey Heather (with lavender undertones) or Lavender cloud (lavender undertones as well.)  Any of these shades would work beautifully.

Thanks for writing me and for your questions.  Hope this helps you!


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