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Living room
Living room  
I was one of those people who immersed themselves and everything in my house in the Americana style but now I have seen the error in my ways. However, I am stuck with a solid red couch and a navy blue love seat.  What other colors or patterns can I use with my solid color couches that would modernize my room?

Hi Jera,

I love the lines of the red sofa. The problem I see in the photo is the stark solid contrast between the two sofas. I would try to find a quilt that incorporates the red, navy and other colors to drape over the navy sofa (not cover it completely, though). This will pull the two sofas together for a more unified look while adding other colors into the room. Then add one or two of the other colors from the quilt into accessories (throw rug, pillows for the red sofa, vases, etc.)

Be sure to add plants, wood and a variety of lighting (floor, table, task and accent) for greater warmth in the room.

Yours for a luxe life,
Susan Matthews

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