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hi jenny,i'm really stuck on the last room of my house, i have a beautiful full perana pine staircase with the hallway and landing to be fully re-decorated, i have choose colours, light fittings etc but have come to a fullstop over the entrance hall floor. carpet is not ideal and with a full perana pine staircase in place i'm thinking a wood floor look would... well be all to woody! if wood is the only option does it really have to be the same type of wood? i love the grey teak shipdeck look very much but its this colour matching thats driving me crazy!!          thanks! peter (manchester uk)

Hi Peter,

Wood is not the only option, but it is most likely your best option for the hallway and landing.  Woods do not have to be the same type, but should at the very least coordinate in color and texture.  

Compare a sample of different wood types/colors available from your hardwood supplier.  You will invariably find something beautiful and your problems will be solved.  As you select samples keep the perana pine in mind while still selecting wood tones that appeal to you.

Best wishes, and thanks for writing.


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