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Thank you so much for the previous answer .. our kitchen is two years old we have just recently removed a wall to open it up to the sunroom .. we had to rearrange our cabinets we end it up with a penensola please check out the link to see more pitures    Our main concern is the horizantal wine rack on the right .. we are thinking to add cabinet/glass door to convert them . we are also adding a stailess steel hood on top of the cooktop and moving the microwave over under the mentioned wine racks .. Feel free to give us any suggestion we are willing to add / remove or move around cabinets to make it get the wow effect, Thank you in advance

Hi again Robert,

Glass doors are always a great way to visually open a kitchen.  Just make sure that you're willing to be tidy - there's no hiding a mess with glass doors.  Inside those cupboards, store pretty or eyecatching things, like colourful stacked plates and bowls, family heirloom pieces, etc. to draw attention to them.  You might also consider small pot lights in the top of the cabinet and glass shelves to really highlight them.  

I think granite with a lot of colour and movement will be a great addition, as your cabinetry, flooring and backsplash are quite simple.

A new wall colour, accessories and fabulous light fixtures will complete the space and give you the "wow" you're after.

Good Luck!


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