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Hiya, for my bedroom im wanting to have white furniture but not sure how to go about it, i want to incorporate red into the bedroom but not sure wether to just have red and white on the walls or use another colour 2...please help. xx

Hi Tammy,

My favourite way to start a project like that is with fabric.  Try to find a great fabric (either custom or ready-made drapes or bedding) and it as your jumping off point. If you can find something with red, white, and another colour or two it will give you a place to start and somewhere to pull your colours from.

If you go with white walls, the white furniture will not stand out, but it will create a light and airy feel. In that case, use red for accents, in bedding, art, etc.

You can also paint your walls red, as red is a passionate colour well suited for bedrooms (and who doesn't want more passion??).  It can be a little overwhelming as it's so bold, so using a softer red, like deep coral or a violet-red will help to temper it's strength.  The white furniture will help too, to tone it down.  If all red walls is too much of a commitment, try and accent wall behind the headboard.

Another wall colour altogether could work too.  If your drapes or bedding have lots of colours, you could choose one for the walls and just use the white for furniture and the red for accents.  For example, apple green looks great with red and white (the yellow in apple green keeps it fresh and prevents a Christmas-y theme). Soft blue-gray works in that palette too.  In fact, if you're working with red and white, there aren't too many wall colours that won't work.

Hope that helps! Good luck!


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