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I have been frustrated trying to accessorize this fireplace. Something seems off to me and I am not sure what it is. May I have your opinion.  Thanks"

Hi Elizabeth,

First, I must say you've done a beautiful job decorating the room so far. My suggestion would be to soften up the stone by adding a simple curtain panel to the outer side of each window.

I like all the accessories you've chosen but some work better than others. The vase and the candles are the appropriate scale and have the proper visual weight. The accessories on the mantle and the mirror don't pop enough and seem a bit small. Try a large painting/print that's darker and has a bit green or a larger round mirror.

Also, I can't tell from the photo whether or not there is a glass door on the fireplace. If it's just the black mesh curtain, I would look at decorative fireplace screens. They are a beautiful finishing touch and can transform a fireplace.

Yours for a luxe life,
Susan Matthews

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