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I need help placing furniture in my long skinny living room. East to west is 22 feet. North to south is 11 feet. Centered on the south wall is a large fireplace [about 7 feet].On the same south wall, just east of the fireplace,is a large, walk through opening to the dining room.The majority of the west wall is a sliding glass door.  The north east corner has a set of large windows. We walk through the room from the dining room to the office door which is on the end of the north wall at the west end.
I usually place the couch across from the fireplace, but both ends are left hanging. We have the TV unit on the east wall, but its a million miles away. I also have a piano.  Awkward.  Can you give me some suggestions.  Thanks Mary

Potential Layout
Potential Layout  
Hi Mary,

I agree, a little awkward.  I did a quick drawing for you (attached) showing how you can arrange your pieces.  I think you're on the right track placing the sofa across from the fireplace.  Fireplaces are a natural focal point, so generally furniture placement should be based on that.  However, in a room with a fireplace where TV watching is the main activity, it's best if you can incorporate the two focal points into one.  

If you're able to, place a flat screen TV above the fireplace.  If not, use cabinetry flanking the fireplace to house the TV and provide extra storage.  

Leave the sofa where it is, and add an additional small accent chair on the west side of the room, with end tables and lamps for symmetry.  A large upholstered rectangular ottoman will act as a coffee table and will be soft enough to avoid barked shins when crossing through the main traffic flow area from DR to office.

Try the piano in the northeast corner so that it is out of the way, but still feels like part of the room.

Because the room is so long and narrow, and is used as a main walkway between two rooms, there isn't a perfect solution, but I think this will work for you.

Hope this helps! Good luck!


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