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Hi there,
I would like to turn a spare bedroom into a home library but have slanted walls. Any suggestions on how to create a library feel while not being able to have floor to ceiling bookshelves?


Hi Danielle,

I'm going to assume that you mean your ceilings are slanted when you say you won't be able to have full height shelves.

I would run the shelves as high as you're able to around the perimeter of the room.  This will give you lots of storage space and create that cozy library feel.  Are you trying to achieve a dark masculine library or something lighter and more feminine?

If you're going for a "manly" look, use lots of dark woods and leather.  You might want to paint the walls in a fairly deep colour or consider wallpapering in a jewel-toned damask or plaid.  Low accent and general lighting with brighter task lighting, like at a desk or reading corner, will create the right mood.  

If you're looking for a more contemporary feminine look, try using light or cream painted shelves with pale blues, creams, greens or yellows (or a combo of them).  Soft woven fabrics for chairs and light drapes will create an open airy feel.  You could also use a great wallpaper with a light background and a colourful pattern to pull colours from.

In either case, you can hang art on the slanted walls, attaching them at top and bottom.  This is assuming, of course, that the angle isn't too steep, or you won't be able to see them.

Hope this helps!  Good luck!


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