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I have an open floor plan, after removing walls in a 1970's ranch style home.We made living room, small den and dining into one room and I have painted it caramel with white trim and an oak wood floor. My dilemma is this.... There is on the other side of the dining room another huge den, its 2 steps down into what used to be a 2 car garage. The opening is wall width and is encased with molding. I do not know what color to paint that room? Should I also make it caramel color? Or should I go with a different color? It also has oak color wood floor and I plan to have brown leather sofas. You can see straight through to this room, from my foyer.Thanks for any help you can give me on this project.

Hi Cindy,

If you're concerned about too many colours in an open layout, try using a monochromatic scheme - same colour from light to dark.  In this case then, try the second den in a lighter shade of the same colour as the smalelr den. 50% of the formula should do it.  This will give you a nice contrast with the brown leather and a different colour than the first room, but will still maintain the flow without making the colours too choppy.  Then accent with bolder colours, like red, sage, orange, deep teal, etc. to create a fun colour scheme.

Hope this helps!  Good luck!


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