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Should your entryway furniture match your living room furniture? They are 2 separate rooms, but you can see into the entryway from the living room...

Hi Jill,

Thank you for your question!

The simple answer is that unless you feel strongly about 'matching' one to the other, "no".  The days of formal matching/matching is (thankfully) gone.  No longer does one style dictate, or one color palette dictate.  We are now in the world of 'if you love it, it works' design!

More professionally said, your furniture should 'coordinate' rather than match, UNLESS you want it to all match.  If there is a flow from room to room, that's good design.  The wood tones can be different, the style can be different - it's all a matter of taste.

Here's hoping this makes your decision easier!

Jennifer Taylor Wojcik, Author
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