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Hi Jennifer - we have a family room dilemma. We currently have our family room arranged in an open style. Furniture pushed back against walls, and TV propped on a table. We set it up this way due to not being sure how, and if we should, put our TV up on top of our stone fireplace. The fireplace is a custom stone fireplace. The Cable hookups are under the table where the TV currently is. We have 3 components hooked to the tv (Xbox, cable box and DVD player). We would like to make a "sitting/conversation area" arrangement - push furniture in, coffee table in middle, perhaps sofa table behind small loveseat...and kids toys could go in less obvious areas, along walls, under windows, etc.

To me, the fireplace is the focal point of the room, along with the built-in bookshelves. My question is, HOW can we hide the wires going from the TV into the components, assuming we place the components on the shelves to the right? The wires would route under the bookshelf cabinets, but will have to cross the stone to get behind the TV. We would have at least 3 black wires, plus the power cord crossing the stone. I've thought of grey tape but wanted to ask as you may have come across this before. The prior owners had the TV in the same place that we do, but on an armoire type unit which was big and blocked the bookshelves.

Here are 2 pics on my Shutterfly page - link below. Excuse the mess/clutter and my son in the middle of the room.

Any ideas/suggestions? Thank you! Linda

Hi Linda,

Thanks for the question and for selecting me as your responder.  

I think you will be much happier with the television mounted to the brick above the fireplace and assure you that if you hire professionals (and they're worth it) to install it, they will hide the wires for you, and do no damage or as little as is humanly possible to your wall surface.

I hired installers through Best Buy and had the same concerns.  They were meticulously careful and there were no wires showing on the mantle when they finished.  The only cords left showing were along the floor and I covered them by wrapping them in a "cable wrap" that is plastic and comes in several colors.  It's available at the hardware store and I simply matched mine to the wood floor.  

Check out your local pro installers and have them over for a review before you start.  It's money well spent as they are bonded and insured.

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