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We are taking our daughter's bedroom and making it a guest room. It is a rectangular shape, 15 feet by 9.6 feet. Our potential visitors would appreciate a queen size bed, but it would take up half the room. A full size would be less overpowering.  We could still fit a smaller dresser and end table if we go queen size (as I have measured several times), but I'm undecided about which size bed to get.


Thanks for the question.  

Most 'guest' bedrooms are 10x10, so you're ahead of the game.  I would think in terms of function rather than size, i.e.,  could this one day be a room for you or your spouse to use?  If so, my bet is that you'll opt for the queen sized bed over the full.  One never knows what health, accident or situation life may throw at us, and being equipped to best handle those situations makes transition easier.  

If you equip your guest room through the eyes and desires of your guest, you will make it a haven for the overnight lodger.  My guest room is a 10x10 and houses a queen sized bed plus a dresser and a tiny jewelry armoire.  While it's 'tight', I've yet to have a complaint about comfort or convenience.

On nights when the snoring gets to me, it's a pretty comfy place for me to take refuge too!

Hope this helps you make your decision.

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