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couch and wall
couch and wall  
Hi - we are trying to decorate a nursery room for a baby girl (expecting in September). The room is currently our study/guest room and is painted a very dark beige (more like a cocoa/light brown). My husband would love to not have to repaint the room but I think it is way too dark for a baby girl's room. The other issue is we have a coach in the room that is aqua/turquoise that needs to stay in the room for guests. Other colors in the room are going to be a neutral crib (getting from my sister) and there is a very large stacking bookshelf (with 5 cubes accross and 5 cubes vertically) that is dark brown on one of the walls. The bookshelf will be used to store all of the baby stuff as we can't fit any other furniture in the room, but we will get colored cloth drawers for it. I really don't like overly cheesy baby rooms. I had hoped to use lavender somewhere in the room but don't think I can repaint the walls lavender and keep the couch (it seems like too much pastel). One idea I had was just painting the top half of the room a very light pink and then accenting the couch with lavender and pink pillows, getting a lavender rug and lavender lamp decorating teh walls with lavender accents and maybe a pink/lavender bedding set. My question is this too many colors (pink on top 1/2 the walls, cocoa on bottom 1/2 of walls, aqua couch, pink and lavender accents)- I'm afraid it will still look very pastelly (even with the cocoa color on the bottom half of the walls). Should I use the aqua more? I just don't think aqua and pink look good together without another color in the middle. I also thought of painting light lavender instead of light pink (as I like lavender more than pink) but don't think it will look nice with the cocoa walls and not sure if I want everything to be pastel so don't want to repaint the entire wall lavender (especially with the couch).


Combining another color (pastel) will be fine with your wall color and the sofa.  I think your idea of painting another pastel above a chair rail height is a good one.  Using the sofa color as one of the "3" colors is an excellent one; it will incorporate all colors as an overall scheme.  Using toss pillows in the two shades of pastel will pull everything together.

I'd opt for the lavender as opposed to the pink, but either will work.  Just add a dividing rail (or paint in a rail) to separate the two color tones.  Even white or off-white will work as a divider.

When you make color combinations look "deliberate", it works.  Good thinking!

Thanks for writing!

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